How to play.


The game is played by using the keyboard and/or the mouse. There are two play methods: Assisted and Normal.

Assisted Mode

Enabled/disabled by clicking the left mouse button on the question mark. This method lets you use menus to access all the actions available for the object selected:

Note: by clicking on the ground with the left button and dragging the cursor (keeping the mouse button pressed), you can select several units. To issue commands, proceed as described above.

Normal Mode

The actions are automatic, which therefore depend on the unit's objective.

Actions available: the following table lists the actions performed by a player's pieces (Engineer's Armored Vehicle or Other) based on the objective that has been assigned to it (Destination / Source).

Destination / Source Engineer's Armored Vehicle Other
Friendly unit Supply Movement
Enemy unit Movement Attack
Friendly building Repair Movement
Enemy building Capture Attack
Ground Movement Movement

Note: you may select several units using the same method as for Assisted Mode.

Short-cut keys

Note: You may Add (R) or Cancel (T) short-cuts for the units. These short-cuts let you find a piece on the game card very quickly. To do this, select a piece, type R or T and the short-cut appears / disappears from the Unit screen automatically (small empty / full rectangles).

Game screen

There are two screens which can be accessed: Full and Normal.

Full Screen

Displays an enlarged game window. When applicable, a symbol appears to indicate waiting messages. A simple click on this symbol brings up the message screen.

Normal game screen

Consists of three windows:

Normal game screen

Special notes


Crimson Wars is a game which revolves around missions being fulfilled. All these missions depend on an access level: they can only be played if the player has reached this level. The levels are: Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel, General.

When the game begins, everyone is a Sergeant. When a mission is completed, the level attained is saved with the player's alias, allowing access to new scenarios in future games.


In Assisted mode, texts which present the game pieces in summary form appear when you select a unit for the first time.


You can create Alliances with other people on line (or cancel them during the game). From the communications screen (Com.), click on the Alliance icon to the right of the alias of the player with whom you wish to create an alliance.


You can chat with your challengers or allies at any time. Just click on the alias of the desired recipient, type the message you wish to send him, then click on the appropriate icon to confirm.

Editor's note: Multiplayer features are no longer supported due to the online service having shut down.